JANUARY 8-11, 2024

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You must be sick of feeling like your life is out of your control.

You know you want to make changes, you know you need to make changes, but where do you even start?

With everything, literally, everything needing your attention, how are you supposed to wrap your arms around it all?

I know you feel like you're at rock bottom. I know you feel like there's no way out of this mess.

I know you're desperate.

And I promise you, you can do this.

2024 is it for you. I mean that with my whole heart. This year you are going to get organized, get motivated, get inspired, and get empowered.

I know you feel it. You know you're ready.

Start here, start with me in this FREE virtual summit!!

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Every day, guest experts will present LIVE

  • Nutrition/Dieting
  • Home Organization
  • Marriage Counseling/CBT
  • Breathwork
  • Financial Planning


These experts are here to bring us REAL TOOLS to make REAL CHANGES.

Get out of the slump.

Access levers of control.

Make lasting changes and feel more connected to yourself.

We will talk about what it means to address perfectionism in your health habits, how your mindset impacts your life, why pursuing your creative passions is vital to your health, and so much more!!

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On January 8-11, we will reset, refocus, and recenter YOU.