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Unraveling the Human Experience

Learn how to cooperate with your nervous system.

The nervous system is always working to facilitate our survival and often works in a subconscious, non-verbalized way to carry out this task.

Unraveling the Human Experience is about learning to communicate with your nervous system and manage its functions from the passenger seat.

Each person is a capsule of feelings, information, and experiences.

We are influenced by so many facets of life and yet we deny their impacts out of fear of vulnerability.

Honesty and vulnerability around what it means to be alive, aware, time-binding beings includes identifying our sensitivities.

Every aspect of our human experience contributes to our ability to participate in that experience.

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Each aspect includes its own sensitivities, needs, and desires.

When we ignore this foundational truth, we endure trauma to our nervous system.

In this book, theories around the impacts of hormone cycles, weather patterns, generational histories and traumas, addiction, sleep, stress, society, self-assignment and identification are explored.

The idea of holistic and western medical approaches are scrutinized.

And you will be provided with practical tools to guide you in unraveling the truth of your own human experience.

  • Why do you react to certain situations and events the way you do?
  • Why do certain situations give rise to feelings or emotions?
  • How have the patterns and cycles existing outside of you, impacted the patterns and cycles existing inside of you?
  • And most importantly, how do you break the patterns you don't want and implement the ones you do?

Learn to work within your subconscious in Unraveling the Human Experience


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    You are a piece of the system. The system is a piece of you.

    Become more connected with your experience, more understanding of your emotions, and more in control of your stories.