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be willing to be the beginning

Published 4 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

Can you believe it's the middle of November already?! This year is flying. The 11th was my birthday. I went out with my husband and had chocolate cake with a peanut butter martini. It was fantastic.

Anyway, as you know, the holidays are coming up and this can be a hard time for boundaries and emotional safety. It's difficult around this time to enforce boundaries, take space, or end relationships. This time of year creates a sense of nostalgia and projected grief. So if you're struggling with family relationships or in an unhealthy situation, know that you're not alone.

And if you feel unable to change a situation right now, which so many of us feel in so many ways, I invite you to visualize what it looks like to be in a different situation.

  • What does that new situation look like?
  • How are you feeling in that new situation?
  • What sensations do you feel in your body when you think of the new situation?

This can be in regards to a new job, distancing from toxic in-laws, or breaking your own unhealthy habits. Whatever you want to be different in your life, visualize the change.

And then take it one step further and visualize the beginning of this change.

  • What steps are you taking from where you are now to that new situation?
  • How long do the steps take?
  • How do you feel taking these steps?

There are so many family interactions coming ahead, it's ok to think about taking space and perhaps starting new traditions for yourself or your family.

Be willing to be the beginning of something. You deserve to feel peace, joy, and calm especially when you are in celebration.

In The Boundary Setting Workbook I walk you gently through boundary-setting practices. Go ahead and prepare yourself for all the holiday events ahead with the tools and information you need to feel confident in your decisions. Speak to your family and friends assertively, with love.

You don't have to feel like an emotional hostage.

Get The Boundary Setting Workbook and create some space for you.

You deserve it.

Also, join me in New Year, More YOU! where you will be surrounded by other people working on the same self-empowerment journey. Be in community with people who understand.

I hope to see you there!!

And one last thing!! I'm doing 21 Days of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness guided meditations on FB live every morning through November 25th. You can watch all the replays here. We are moving slowly, one day at a time, through compassionate self-forgiveness to really improve self-talk, self-trust, and strengthen that inner relationship.

I'd love for you to join.

Have an amazing week ahead Reader!!

In warmth & growth,

Joscelyn Kate

Get The Boundary Setting Workbook

p.s. Do you need help letting go? Toxic habits, situations, and people will hold you back. If you believe you need more guidance, check out TML's Wellness Membership. Schedule a free chat to learn more. Limited spots available.

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Helping You Cultivate Healthy Self-Focus

by Joscelyn Kate

Hi I’m Joscelyn, a recovering codependent, people-pleaser, and perfectionist turned Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor, and Certified Ritual Guide. I help people let go of toxic habits, situations, and relationships. Check out past editions and sign up below.

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