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happy new year's weekend!! šŸŽ‰

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Hey Reader,

Can you believe it's the end of 2023 already?? I'm having mixed emotions. This was an incredible growth year for me and my family. We've been going through a transition the last few years so this was really a time of stepping out of the cocoon and into our reality.

And I'm glad we're past it, but woah, it went quick!

Today I want to share:

  1. Some Things... I embraced and let go (would love to hear yours too!)
  2. Changes to The Group
  3. Course & Coaching announcements, yay!!
  4. Latest Podcast Episode (it's a good one, I promise)

Some things...

I embraced:

  1. Allowing people to have their own suffering. I am not the answer to every problem but I am an available resource to those I have the capacity to support.
  2. The difference between tolerance and ability. Most times when people say they're doing the best they can, they mean they're doing as much as they can tolerate. It's important for me to keep my perspective on my own tolerance and abilities so I can grow where I want without being handicapped by discomfort.
  3. Planning for my triggers. I had an expectation at the beginning of entering therapy that I would eventually come to a place where I was no longer triggered. This made managing feelings harder because it was unrealistic. When I embraced being triggered as a part of my nervous system conditioning, I was able to plan responses.

I let go of:

  1. External validation. This is still a process but it's one I'm fully leaning into. I will no longer put thing before belief (watch the video on what that means here). I don't need other people to notice my work for it to matter, I don't need a hundred friends to know I'm a good one, I don't need to be loved to know I'm lovable. I believe I'm inherently worthy because the universe invited me here to exist. And that's enough validation.
  2. Self rejection. When I don't embrace the triggered, angry, anxious, nervous, perfectionist, people pleasing, codependent parts of myself, I reject myself. These are all feelings and emotions that have been developed to protect me. I realize they don't work, but their cause is noble and loving so I will show gratitude for their protection and place them gently on the shelf.
  3. Sense of urgency. For some reason, I have always felt behind. I have always struggled with believing I wasn't doing enough, focusing in the right place, getting to the end result fast enough. This sense of urgency has been such a barrier in taking mindful, effective, consistent action. So this year, I will embrace that I truly am right on time.

I would love to know the things you've embraced or let go of this year! Please share with me in the group!

Changes to The Group

Originally New, Year, More YOU! was meant to be a temporary group for the summit taking place January 8-11, 2024. I have since decided to keep this group open so we can continue the support and the discussions around mindfulness and manifestation.

Starting on Monday, January 1, 2024 I will be busting all the mindfulness myths in the group so we can all connect more deeply with mindfulness throughout this year.

On Monday January 8, 2024, we will begin the New Year, More YOU! summit!! I will be sending out schedule, speaker info, and workbook to everyone on the list. Join the group and get on the list so you don't miss it!


Course & Coaching

As some of you already know, I've paused TML Wellness through the end of January. I will also be announcing a brand new, WAY MORE ACCESSIBLE (think less than $50/mo) group coaching program!! I am so excited about this!! More details to come. šŸ˜‰

Also, The 21-Day Real Life Reset is COMING!! We are just 14 days away from going LIVE!! šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

The feedback has been incredible, I am so humbled by the kind words of those who went through the course already and I can't wait to share it with the rest of you.

Think therapeutic principles meet life coaching practices, in a step by step framework, to get you in front of your life so you can mindfully choose the path ahead.

This course is my own recovery packaged up in a DIY format so you can start your own emotional wellness journey without...

  • Committing to weekly zoom calls
  • Spending the high cost of a life coach
  • Working on someone else's schedule

This course offers...

  • Support in your daily practices
  • Direction on the steps to take right now to start emotional healing
  • Effective tools to return to over and over again that help you identify priorities and boundaries clearly

Find out more details on the course here, and sign up to get notified of presale and discounts!!

Latest Podcast Episode

As we look toward setting our goals and resolutions for 2024, I invite you to consider if your goals are big enough to draw progress from you? Are they too big that you won't take any action?

Listen to the latest episode on The Pursuit of You podcast where I talk about why

šŸ‘‰šŸ» Setting Small Goals is an Act of Self-Sabotage šŸ‘ˆšŸ»

Join the discussion in the group, I'd love to now your thoughts!

Thank you so much for being here in the TML community, your presence is so valued.

I hope you feel loved and seen throughout the new year. I look forward to sharing in all of the mindfulness and manifestation practices ahead to develop an incredible path of peace and joy together.


In warmth & growth,

Joscelyn Kate


Helping You Cultivate Healthy Self-Focus

by Joscelyn Kate

Hi Iā€™m Joscelyn, a recovering codependent, people-pleaser, and perfectionist turned Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor, and Certified Ritual Guide. I help people let go of toxic habits, situations, and relationships. Check out past editions and sign up below.

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