Helping You Cultivate Healthy Self-Focus

warmly welcoming you into 2024 ✨

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

Phew, we made it! Let's take a breath on that for a minute. One more year in the books and another chapter wide open.

2023 was a rough year for me, how was it for you? Did you experience any big changes, transitions, or revelations? If so, I hope all the lessons and growth opportunities are integrating nicely. I hope you're feeling stronger, grounded, and more centered.

I won't take up too much of your precious time today because I know New Year's Day represents its own ceremonial entry for each person and I want to leave you to that special time. BUT! I'm offering a FLASH SALE today and tomorrow ONLY where you can join TML Wellness for just $27/month!! (Learn More)

We're working on...

✨ inner child reconnection

✨ boundary setting practices

✨ emotional mastery

✨ effective mindfulness practices

✨ and so much more!!

This is the coaching program that will support your therapy, keep you accountable in your cycle breaking, and set you up with the tools and resources to sustain real, meaningful changes.

Reply with any questions about the program, or if you simply need to feel seen and validated, I'm here for that too.

Learn more about what's inside the program:

If you're ready now, click this button 👇🏻

I look forward to connecting with so many of you inside the group 🫶🏻

Have an incredible welcoming day into 2024.

Sending you all love and light ❤️✨

In warmth & growth,

Joscelyn Kate

p.s. The New Year, More YOU! self care summit starts in 1 week!!
Join the group and get access to all the right information and support you need to set your year up right 🎉🎉🎉

Helping You Cultivate Healthy Self-Focus

by Joscelyn Kate

Hi I’m Joscelyn, a recovering codependent, people-pleaser, and perfectionist turned Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor, and Certified Ritual Guide. I help people let go of toxic habits, situations, and relationships. Check out past editions and sign up below.

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Reader, I hope your 2024 is off to an amazing start. If not, don't worry, New Year, More YOU! starts today! We're going to begin with a commitment to self and uncover the why behind being open to changes at this time. Check out the schedule below. Join the Facebook group here 👉🏻 Monday | Jan 8, 2024 9am EST ✨ COMMITMENT TO SELF ✨10am EST Kristi Santilli - Professional Organizer 12pm EST Jen Liss - Unleash Your Unique Brilliance Breathwork 1pm...

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