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by Joscelyn Kate

Hi I’m Joscelyn, a recovering codependent, people-pleaser, and perfectionist turned Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor, and Certified Ritual Guide. I help people let go of toxic habits, situations, and relationships. Check out past editions and sign up below.

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hey! have you joined the group?

Hey Reader, I hope you're having a great week. And I hope you're feeling seen today. I wanted to invite you to the group, New Year, More YOU! This group is for people on an emotional healing journey or looking to start one. I've created a space to discover healing practices, find support, experience validation, and offer understanding. New Year, More YOU! is a community of people committed to growth and sharing guidance. Here you'll find a safe space to unravel your experiences and connect...
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about 6 hours ago • 1 min read

it's coming early!!

Hey Reader, Happy Monday. How are you feeling about today? Or this week? I had a good weekend so, for me, the week looks bright. I think that can have a big impact on my week ahead, how I spent the weekend. Something I tend to do is approach most things with a "wait and see" attitude. But this can exacerbate my anxiety because our nervous system really needs to be able to rely on consistency. When I "wait and see" what I need to do on the weekend, I end up wasting more time. So my husband...
2 days ago • 1 min read

Do you get the Sunday Scaries?

Hey Reader, Do you get the Sunday scaries? Where you can't even appreciate the time you have on Sunday because you know Monday is coming... I hate that feeling. It's so hard to slow down your mind and stay present in the moment. We have so many things pulling us in all directions at all times. Life is hard. Being a human is hard, and being an adult is especially hard because you have to be responsible. Ugh. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and let you know you're seen. Your feelings matter....
10 days ago • 1 min read

do you have a small business?

Hey Reader, Do you have a small business? I'd love to know about it!! Reply to this email and I'll be sharing a few across my socials and emails 😃 Two quick reminders!! Win a $30 Amazon Gift Card by joining my group New Year, More YOU!, inviting a friend, and tagging them in the pinned post. Support my small business, The Midday Latte, by purchasing The Boundary Setting Workbook and working toward closer, more authentic connections with your loved ones this holidays season. I hope you're...
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hi, I just didn't want you to miss this...

Reader, The group is open!! And we're running a giveaway!! Here's how to win a $30 Amazon Gift Card in time for Cyber Monday.... Join the group Invite your friends Tag your friends in the pinned post Every tag is an entry to win!! Winner announced Sunday at 9pm EST JOIN NOW I hope you're feeling seen today. If not, reply to this email and tell me about something that's bringing you joy, I'd love to know. In warmth & growth, Joscelyn Kate p.s. Do you need help letting go? Toxic habits,...
12 days ago • 1 min read

hey, you did great today

Hey Reader, You did so great today. You should be proud of yourself for however you showed up, in whatever capacity. Despite everything you have going on in your life, you got through it! Rockstar. Maybe it was everything you wanted, or maybe a few things went wrong, either way I know you did your best bc I know what you're like. You're someone who tries really hard and cares a whole heck of a lot. You put others first most of the time and feel weighted with the responsibility of bringing...
13 days ago • 1 min read

be willing to be the beginning

Hey Reader, Can you believe it's the middle of November already?! This year is flying. The 11th was my birthday. I went out with my husband and had chocolate cake with a peanut butter martini. It was fantastic. Anyway, as you know, the holidays are coming up and this can be a hard time for boundaries and emotional safety. It's difficult around this time to enforce boundaries, take space, or end relationships. This time of year creates a sense of nostalgia and projected grief. So if you're...
23 days ago • 2 min read

'tis the season of self-neglect

Hey Reader, I've been in super planning mode so I missed the last two newsletters! I wanted to let you know, I haven't stopped! But they will be on pause. I know how helpful it can be to have that reminder to focus in on your needs and your values. I will be transitioning the newsletter's format in 2024 so for now, I'm no longer sending the weekly curated content. But I will be in touch! As I said, I'm in super planning mode and I want to share it all with you, plus I want to make sure you...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

almost time to let go!

Hey Reader, It's almost time to let go. Halloween is in a couple of weeks, the holiday rush starts after that. We'll be cruising into 2024 before you know it. So I'm prepping now. I'm going to let myself ride through the end of this year, file it in the books, and recommit to 2024. If you're interested in letting go now, so you can enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any of the major holidays you celebrate this time of year, go ahead and give yourself permission. The energy is...
about 2 months ago • 1 min read

creating space with curiosity 🫶🏻

Good morning Reader! October is the most spiritual month of the year. In TML's Wellness Membership this month, we're honoring the Goddess Lakshmi. Honoring a god or goddess can serve as an instrument of focus or a way of deepening your understanding of yourself. When you offer up curiosity to a power greater than yourself, you make space to also have curiosity with yourself. Allowing our attention to flow toward that which we do not know opens the door to surrender. I invite you to consider...
about 2 months ago • 2 min read
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